Block out all the contaminats we are exposed to every day

First Defense Nasal Screens began their journey when Joseph Moore (founder) had an allergic attack on the highway and nearly died.
  • Risks Around Us
  • All around us are microbes, particles, and carcinogens. Many of these are harmful to our bodies and we inhale them in each day. Deaths across the world are on the rise due to these invaders
  • Placing the Nasal Screens
  • Simply peel the Nasal Screen from the packaging and place underneath your nostrils covering the holes. Press lightly to secure the hypo-allergenic adhesive. Each set of Nasal Screens are good for 24hrs.
  • Wearing the nasal Screens
  • Once in place you will notice the comfort and ease of breathing. You can now live your life with confidence knowing you and your family have a barrier of protection in place.

Particle Size

% Filtered

80 um.
60 um.
10 um.
8 um.
2 um.

Labratory Research and data reveal how effective the Nasal Screens really are.


Findings from EMSL Analytical Inc. Materials Science Division

Testing the durability, and porosity of the Nasal Screens using particles of various sizes provides information to see how effective our product is at filtering out the contaminants we are exposed to every day.

First Defense Nasal Screens are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. They are only designed to reduce exposure to harmful and irritating particles and contaminates from being inhaled.